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The Town Of My Heart

Well, I'm back after nearly disappearing for 2 months. Time to keep my blog updated! Recently went on a bicycle trip around Taiping. It wasn't much. The weather was scorching and I had quite a big load on my back while I was cycling. Unfortunately, I've only got 2 pictures to display for now. I'll keep flooding my page with more pictures next time and you can count on it (apparently.....)! For now, just enjoy these two work of art. =3

 The All Saints Church

Me, my bike and adventures!

Pangkor 2011 (Part1)

I'm back from Pangkor Island and I didn't really enjoy it. I didn't mean the tour though. What I meant is that I didn't enjoy the stay. The chalet we booked was FREAKISHLY FILTHY! Let's forget about that and move on. I've got tons of pics for you to see this round but sadly, I'm only putting up my best shots. If you wanna see the rest of the pictures, feel free to add me on Facebook. ( Sorry if I didn't accept... Maybe some of you are too much of a stranger to me.. *giggles) First thing's first, we got off the jetty, headed straight to the hotel and fell asleep.( well.... not all of us ) I went off on a rented bike to explore the smaller regions of the island. Hell, The bike I rented sucked because it only runs on ONE gear and I nearly blew my balls off going uphill!
Two sleeping beauties on board the ferry
A happy family on the deck
My lil bro

Meet my baby cousin, Wilfred! We came to Pangkor Island to give him a special b'day bonanza! He was one heck of a brat during the trip. he had the slight iPhone syndrome during the trip. At least we had fun with him around. Haha. Hurrah! 
Aww.... Ain't he cute?

That's the end of part 1 of my journal. I'll go on with part 2 soon enough! Only this time, I'm gonna put the whole pics from the trip on Picasa! Haha. Till next time! (Gotta improve my jounalism skills.... Sheesh)

I Love You, Dad

When was the last time we told each other that we cared for each other? The last time that we even said, "I love you"? The last time we hugged? The last time you kissed me to sleep? It's been a while since I last felt that way. Whenever I feel alone, your loving arms would sweep me off my feet in a matter of seconds. Now these times are nothing but another distance memory. Frankly, I know that having a teenager around the house is enough to raise hell in your life. I wonder why... Do we live in separate worlds? Or even... shared a single thought? I rarely see a time where the both of us smiled at each other or come to agreement with something. Instead, we fought over and over again. When you're mad, you would resort to my little brother for comfort or confine your anger into that dying heart of yours. The more we fight, the weaker it becomes and sooner or later, I'll lose you. All you wanted was the best for me but you never once ask what I wanted to be. Even if I did, you would criticize my ambitions. From once what we thought a relationship that would blossom till the end, could slowly wither until it disappears.


I wish I could have made you proud in many ways but sadly, I'm not cut out to be anything you'd wish for. To my eyes and ears, your angers are worth nothing. To yours, it was love... Papa, I'm no perfect son nor the one you've always dream of having but I can be the best you can ever have. Mistakes I've made in the past you'll never forgive me for, all the curses you've thrown at me, I took them in but never threw back. 16 years and you've persevered. It's all too difficult for me to apologize now. You may think that I'm just trying to keep my pride and walk on over it. The truth is that the guilt is too much for me to handle. I've tried. I've given my best. And here I am on my blog, hoping that you'll read this and truly understand what I feel. With this, I would like to say:


Macro HDR

I decided to give a macro HDR a try and what you are looking at is the result. Doesn't seem very "High Dynamic" at all huh? Hehe. At least I gave it a shot, I don't have much to say for now but i'll be back with more pictures because I'm heading to................. Pulau Pangkor! Gonna give the shorelines a try! Wish me luck! Wayne OUT! =3

Looking Back....

I started reflecting myself once more, just trying to see the changes I've gone through ever since my return from Jakarta. Once a bleeding liar and a useless, beat-down, naive kid who talks his way outta crappy situations. Those times gave me plenty to think about from then till now. I have never been a popular kid nor someone to look up to. I'm just another ordinary kid or someone whom you could easily overlook. All I wanna be is a guy whom everybody trust. Every now and then, I hear insults, rumors and plenty of harsh comments that would break me of my dignity and mentality.

I may be young but I can now see what the REAL world is like in front of me. A planet diverse with kings, citizens and paupers. A place of lies, pain and exiles. There's still light.... Truth.... Kindness.... Every bit of hope out there. As the wise once said, the day we were born, is the day we started dying. To all my dear friends who made me who I am today, I love you all. I love the fact that you all still go through all my problems with me and even shared some of your very own. Thank you for your trust but most importantly, FRIENDSHIP. A bond that would never break.

Today, I'm letting all the clouds within neurons subside. There's no one else for me to trust but you all. As I end this section for today, I can finally sleep through the nights ahead thanks to all you readers. Feel free to critic as I'm in need of suggestions to further improve my habits and attitude. Happy surfing! XP

Back again! ^^

Hey there! I'm back again! Got my Streamyx reinstated! (Finally.....) Lots of controversies happening lately. At least, everything's still in place, I'm not sure I could pick up anymore of the missing pieces. Trying to lace everything back to its original chapter. It may seem complicated to understand, my dear readers, but this is the only way I can tell all of this to you all in cyberspace.

Anyway, here are my shots for the month. Enjoy!


I've been AFK for how long exactly? Wow, I kinda missed blogging. Hehe. Now that i'm making a comeback, i should be able to come up with at least 3 entries per months. As you all know, I'm officially deported from my own band - R.R. Turns out i'm not they're potent front man. A little update about my photo journey - well, I kinda hit a speed bump this time and i'm sending my camera in for service due to minor damages... =.=... Now a change of subject! I'm looking forward to d next entry! I'll upload my latest shots when possible! XD So, I'll see you guys when I see ya! Till Next time peeps! Toodles!

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